May Speaker – Aaron Antillon

For over 20 years, Aaron has inspired audiences across America delivering over 750 paid speaking engagements at corporate events, professional associations, and government entities. Aaron’s television program, “Build A Legacy,” reaches hundreds of thousands of people weekly through Fox Television Network in major U.S. cities.

As a seasoned Team Development Expert, Aaron specializes in leveraging his background as a Personality Strategy Expert to empower your team with a proven system to maximize their performance, increase engagement, while reducing team conflict and providing solutions to your retention challenges.

April Speaker – Mindy McManus


CEO & Executive Coach at Mindy’s Executive Coaching, LLC

Mindy’s Executive Coaching epitomizes a transformative journey, fostering dynamic partnerships with clients to unlock their innate potential and ignite a profound sense of creativity, leadership, passion, and determination. With an unwavering dedication to coaching and consulting, her mission is to empower physicians and senior executives, guiding them to elevate their leadership acumen and transcend professional, team, organizational, and personal milestones.

With over 17 years of expertise in cultivating healthcare leaders across both physician and administrative domains, she has honed her craft through the design and delivery of bespoke leadership courses and executive coaching within a prestigious academic healthcare framework. As an Assistant Professor of Healthcare Administration at the esteemed Mayo Clinic, she brings academic rigor and real-world insight to her practice.

An accomplished professional speaker and holder of a master’s degree in education specializing in Leadership and Organizational Development, she is recognized by the International Coaching Federation as a credentialed Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and hold certifications as a Certified Executive Coach.

Mindy’s passion for guiding individuals toward their zenith extends beyond coaching sessions to engaging keynote addresses and workshops. She specializes in an array of topics crucial for personal and professional growth, including leadership effectiveness, emotional intelligence, crucial conversations, resiliency, burnout prevention, and navigating transitions in leadership roles.

Moreover, her expertise extends to strategic areas such as time management, career development, agility, team dynamics, and facilitating board retreats. She holds certifications in pivotal methodologies such as Crucial Conversations, EQ2.0 and EQ2.0 360, DiSC, Proci Change Management, and Visionary Coaching, among others.

At Mindy’s Executive Coaching, she is committed to being a catalyst for transformation, guiding individuals and organizations toward realizing their full potential and achieving unparalleled success.

March Speaker – Scott Warren


Author | Podcast Host | Speaker

Founder of Preach Where You Reach®

Are you ready to embark on a journey that bridges the gap between your faith and your professional life? Look no further than Scott Warren, a visionary thought leader, author, and podcast host dedicated to empowering individuals to bring their faith into every corner of their lives, especially the workplace.

Scott Warren is the driving force behind the transformative movement that is Preach Where You Reach®. With a passion for equipping, inspiring, and encouraging marketplace apostles, Scott has become a beacon of light for those seeking to infuse their workplaces with God’s presence and glory. As an author, podcast host, and sought-after speaker, Scott embodies the principles he advocates, having experienced firsthand the profound impact of integrating faith into the fabric of his professional and personal life.

The Book – “Preach Where You Reach: Bring Your Jesus to Work (Every) Day”:

In his book, “Preach Where You Reach: Bring Your Jesus to Work (every) Day”, Scott Warren offers a refreshing and humorous take on the delicate art of merging one’s faith and professional responsibilities. Through insightful anecdotes and practical wisdom, Scott provides a roadmap for transforming the workplace into a realm where faith is not just welcomed but thrives. Scott’s narrative, a blend of personal experiences and actionable insights, makes this book a compelling guide for anyone seeking to elevate their work life with unwavering faith.

The Podcast – Preach Where You Reach®:

Scott’s podcast, “Preach Where You Reach®”, isn’t just a show; it’s a movement. With thought-provoking discussions and riveting conversations, Scott and his podcast guests delve into the dynamic interplay between faith and the modern workplace. Listeners are captivated by the depth of insight and inspired by the real-world examples of how faith-driven professionals are effecting positive change. A recent guest aptly described the podcast as a “necessary voice in today’s culture”, emphasizing the transformative impact that Scott’s episodes are having on individuals and communities.

Join the Movement:

As you embark on your own journey to blend faith and professional life seamlessly, seek assistance from Scott Warren for guidance, inspiration, and a wealth of actionable strategies. His captivating book, “Preach Where You Reach: Bring Your Jesus to Work (Every) Day”, and groundbreaking podcast, “Preach Where You Reach®” are powerful tools for transforming your mindset, your workplace, and your world. Discover how to not only bring your own faith to work but also embody your faith in ways that uplift and impact those around you.

Connect with Scott Warren and become part of the movement that’s reshaping workplaces and lives with the power of faith. It’s time to Preach Where You Reach®.

Scott is married to Whitney and has three daughters and one son. Scott and his family attend and serve in their church in Winter Garden, Florida.

“I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength to do his work. He considered me trustworthy and appointed me to serve him”

1 Timothy 1:12 (NLT)

February Speaker – Daniel J. Reichard

Daniel J. Reichard is an exemplary leader whose career spans over four decades across manufacturing, non-profit, and service-provider sectors. With a robust background in manufacturing that extends 24 years and 11 years dedicated to non-profit organizations, Daniel has honed his leadership skills in various roles, from Plant Controller to Regional Vice President.

Daniel’s leadership style is participative and results-focused, underpinned by a belief in the power of change for continuous improvement. He has a significant track record of volunteer experience, demonstrating his commitment to community and organizational development.

His accomplishments are numerous and impactful. Daniel has spearheaded barrier-busting efforts across thirteen Districts for a faith-based financial organization. He skillfully restructured millions in delinquent loan debt. He also played a pivotal role in driving process change, using his multifaceted expertise and leadership in moving, hiring, and training accounting teams, representing finance functions during system implementations, and improving general accounting morale.

Daniel holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Northwood University and a Master of Business Administration in Finance from Western Michigan University. Daniel is a Certified Public Accountant in Wisconsin and a Certified Management Accountant through the Institute of Management Accountants.

Recognition for Daniel’s exceptional work includes multiple Team Ministry Awards from the Lutheran Church Extension Fund, the Outstanding Alumni Award from Northwood University, being a Chairman Award Finalist at American Greetings, and the prestigious Rowan Award from Knight Facilities Management.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Daniel has a rich history of secular and faith-based non-profit involvement and enjoys serving as a Spring Training Usher for the Detroit Tigers. His diverse experiences and achievements mark him as a distinguished professional and dedicated community servant. 

January Speakers – Raymond & Leslie Funk

Raymond and Leslie Funk founded a successful hospitality interior design firm that leveraged their over 50 years combined experience in the interior design, development, and project management industries….

But, in 2022, on their 12-year wedding anniversary, the Lord moved them to give it all up by birthing in them a dream and vision for a unique marriage ministry, Three Cord Marriage. A ministry by which they would pay forward the miraculous redemption God provided them in their own marriage, and equip and empower couples to experience true unity and live into their marriage’s divine purpose.

Having overcome infidelity, addiction, emotional abuse, and the like, Raymond and Leslie were compelled to share the truth about their marriage as a means of providing hope and healing to others.

Through creativity that only comes from the Father, they have developed a street-smart, spiritually led, non-profit marriage ministry that, in just a short period of time, has reached nearly 2,000 people, on 6 different continents and, created unique and impactful marriage events that challenge the mind, stir the Spirit, and leaves husbands and wives more in love with God and each other.

Understanding that both knowledge and wisdom are necessary, Raymond and Leslie both hold the title of Reverend, continue their education towards their pastoral credentials, are certified SYMBIS and Prepare Enrich Facilitators and are NRA certified pistol instructors and Range Safety Officers. Raymond is also a board-certified mental health coach with a specialty in marriage and family.

Together, they share the vision of Three Cord Marriage…To see a world transformed, by the influence of marriages lived out the way God intended.

December Speaker – Jim Subers

Jim Subers was born and raised in Miami, and has been married to his beautiful wife Janice for
42 years. They met at the University of Florida, where Jim played football for the Gators and
got a degree in business management.

They have four adult children, one daughter, and three sons, one of them with autism. They
have six young grandsons which are among their greatest joys.

Jim and his family have lived around the country and overseas, including living in Japan for five
years. His business and ministry work has taken him to over 40 nations, including work in
missions, international real estate, oil and gas, church planting, urban youth ministry, audio
Bible distribution, prison ministry, teen residential care, and now city transformation efforts.
Jim returned to Orlando last year to serve as CEO at Vision Orlando. In his role, he serves with
Dr. George Cope. Their vision is to help unite a significant remnant of the ekklesia in our
community around Jesus, by gathering and mobilizing leaders of faith in every arena of
influence in the city: business, government, education, media, arts and entertainment, family,
and church. He believes that there is no greater force for good on the earth than a united

Jim says, “God has allowed us to join Him in his work all over the world. God is at work in
absolutely amazing ways around the globe. And I am blessed to have seen just a tiny portion of
what He is doing. I have tried to live by the axiom of Dr. Henry Blackaby, who says, ‘find out
where God is at work, and join him.’”

In 2019, Jim left his work in teen residential care and began a sabbatical. In prayer, he asked
the question, “God, what do you want me to do now?” And to his surprise, God responded,
“You are asking the wrong question. Who do you want to become?” Jim then spent the next
couple of years on a fascinating journey of discovery which has further transformed his life.

November Speaker – Kristi Nowrouzi

Kristi Nowrouzi is a dedicated advocate for financial literacy, committed to helping people understand their relationship with money and their financial mindset. She boasts a wealth of expertise as a credit specialist, financial professional, Mortgage Loan Officer, and Branch Manager at Geneva Financial.

Her unwavering passion for sharing her knowledge and insights has led her to become a published author of the books “Finish Financially Free: Identify your money beliefs – Master your money – Live in abundance” and “First Home: Where to Start and How to Win.” Kristi also hosts the popular podcast “Credit Coaching by Kristi” and regularly creates valuable content on her YouTube channel, known as “Credit Kristi.”

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Kristi actively contributes to her community as a board member of She holds several leadership positions, including Director Consultant for BNI Central Florida Region, (Former) President of BNI Wealth Builders Chapter, Emcee for the Central Florida Christian Chamber, and Membership Chair of the Orlando Chapter of The National Association of Divorce Professionals.

October Speaker – Andy Searles

Andy has served as Pastor of Church Together since the church’s inception in 2014. Church Together exists to bring people together in relationship with Christ, in relationships with each other, and to unite the different sectors of our divided society. Andy is an established bridge-building leader who loves pulling people together to make an impactful difference around Central Florida.

Additionally, Andy currently serves in the following official areas of community life.


  • Pastor Andy is also the Chaplain for Orlando’s Major League Soccer Team, Orlando City, where he has helped players and coaches become winners off the field since the club’s formation.
  • His work in professional sports expands to him being a founding executive team member of the Pro-Soccer Chaplains Association, equipping, accrediting, and connecting soccer chaplains around the country.
  • He serves as a Chaplain within the Casselberry Police Department, through which he distributes care to law enforcement personnel and our local community, and is a member of the Casselberry Police Foundation Board.
  • Andy serves on the Board of Directors for Leadership Seminole and leads the annual Leadership Summit, bringing together some of the County’s most dynamic leaders to sharpen regional leaders.
  • He is the interim board chair of Nayba US, a global ministry that empowers and helps churches quantify their community impact and has a passion for helping support the local church worldwide.


He has previously been actively involved in the local school system, where for several years, he served as a member of the School District Business Advisory Board and, most recently, on the School’s Equity Board. He invests much time connecting pastors and ministry leaders together for kingdom purposes and is committed to building bridges of grace strong enough to hold the weight of trust.

Pastor Andy is a strategic thinker, a sought-after speaker, and has an uncommon ability to connect people together for significant purposes. He values truth, diligence, integrity, commitment, and laughter and yearns for the Kingdom of God to come on earth as it is in heaven. People of sacrifice and submission impress him, and people of hope and vision energize him. 


Andy was born, raised, and educated in the United Kingdom. He married Tracie in 2000, and they have two fantastic children, Bethany and Jonathan.

September Speakers – Jason Davis & Laurel Ordonez

Jason Davis AKA “Mr. Fortify” is a husband, author, speaker, teacher, encourager, and Stewardship Coach. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, he founded Jericho Force Enterprises in Fall 2017. Jericho Force helps Christian professionals prioritize their faith in the marketplace by uniquely blending finance, business, and faith.

Jason has helped lead people out of over $318,000 of debt (and counting) and set aside upward of $100,000 in savings (and counting). His impact extends to the organizational level, having trained thousands on the concepts of leadership development and teamwork.

Jason is both a graduate of and former NCAA Div I college football player at Georgia Tech.

Jason is a Profit First Professional, a graduate of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coach Master Training, a Maxwell Leadership Certified Trainer and Coach, and a DISCflex Certified Coach.

As a dynamic speaker and communicator, Jason has shared on and with a diverse number of platforms, organizations, and publications such as Flourish Digital Magazine, Kingdom Business Network (KBN), and the Christian Business Men’s Connection (CBMC).


Laurel Ordonez is a dynamic leader in marketing, renowned for implementing practical, long-term marketing strategies that drive revenue, growth, and business expansion. Underpinning her success is an exceptional ability to understand the analytics of a campaign, which enables her not only to comprehend its mechanisms but also why they work, informing her future strategies. 

Driven by an unwavering passion for connecting people, Laurel unifies teams towards common objectives. With a keen eye for opportunity, Ordonez consistently delivers innovative solutions that amplify brand visibility and resonate deeply with target audiences.


August Speaker – Martijn van Tilborgh

Whether it’s challenging outdated ministry paradigms or initiating creative business strategies, he believes that thriving in tomorrow’s world starts today.

Combining biblical insight with business intuition and prophetic edge with a passion for God’s kingdom, Martijn specializes in helping thought leaders and vital voices amplify their message, multiply their audience and maximize their impact.

After spending a decade in church planting and missionary enterprises in his native The Netherlands and South Africa, Martijn’s vision for extending the kingdom evolved to include those in the marketplace, beyond the walls of the traditional church.

Now he serves as a strategic marketing architect and consultant for numerous large churches, organizations and well-known individuals. Among the services he provides are book publishing, brand development and marketing.

In addition to speaking at churches, conferences and workshops, Martijn has shared some of what he has learned in several books. They include Unboxed: Uncovering New Paradigms for Tomorrow’s Church, Unleashed: How To Turn Your Message Into Impact and A Time of War: The Inevitable Conflict Between the Church of Today and the Church of Tomorrow.

His successful companies include Four Rivers Media, Kudu Publishing, Dream Releaser Enterprises and Avail.

Martijn and his wife, Amy, have three young adult children and live in Orlando, Florida.