December Speaker – Jim Subers

Jim Subers was born and raised in Miami, and has been married to his beautiful wife Janice for
42 years. They met at the University of Florida, where Jim played football for the Gators and
got a degree in business management.

They have four adult children, one daughter, and three sons, one of them with autism. They
have six young grandsons which are among their greatest joys.

Jim and his family have lived around the country and overseas, including living in Japan for five
years. His business and ministry work has taken him to over 40 nations, including work in
missions, international real estate, oil and gas, church planting, urban youth ministry, audio
Bible distribution, prison ministry, teen residential care, and now city transformation efforts.
Jim returned to Orlando last year to serve as CEO at Vision Orlando. In his role, he serves with
Dr. George Cope. Their vision is to help unite a significant remnant of the ekklesia in our
community around Jesus, by gathering and mobilizing leaders of faith in every arena of
influence in the city: business, government, education, media, arts and entertainment, family,
and church. He believes that there is no greater force for good on the earth than a united

Jim says, “God has allowed us to join Him in his work all over the world. God is at work in
absolutely amazing ways around the globe. And I am blessed to have seen just a tiny portion of
what He is doing. I have tried to live by the axiom of Dr. Henry Blackaby, who says, ‘find out
where God is at work, and join him.’”

In 2019, Jim left his work in teen residential care and began a sabbatical. In prayer, he asked
the question, “God, what do you want me to do now?” And to his surprise, God responded,
“You are asking the wrong question. Who do you want to become?” Jim then spent the next
couple of years on a fascinating journey of discovery which has further transformed his life.

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