September Speakers – Jason Davis & Laurel Ordonez

Jason Davis AKA “Mr. Fortify” is a husband, author, speaker, teacher, encourager, and Stewardship Coach. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, he founded Jericho Force Enterprises in Fall 2017. Jericho Force helps Christian professionals prioritize their faith in the marketplace by uniquely blending finance, business, and faith.

Jason has helped lead people out of over $318,000 of debt (and counting) and set aside upward of $100,000 in savings (and counting). His impact extends to the organizational level, having trained thousands on the concepts of leadership development and teamwork.

Jason is both a graduate of and former NCAA Div I college football player at Georgia Tech.

Jason is a Profit First Professional, a graduate of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coach Master Training, a Maxwell Leadership Certified Trainer and Coach, and a DISCflex Certified Coach.

As a dynamic speaker and communicator, Jason has shared on and with a diverse number of platforms, organizations, and publications such as Flourish Digital Magazine, Kingdom Business Network (KBN), and the Christian Business Men’s Connection (CBMC).


Laurel Ordonez is a dynamic leader in marketing, renowned for implementing practical, long-term marketing strategies that drive revenue, growth, and business expansion. Underpinning her success is an exceptional ability to understand the analytics of a campaign, which enables her not only to comprehend its mechanisms but also why they work, informing her future strategies. 

Driven by an unwavering passion for connecting people, Laurel unifies teams towards common objectives. With a keen eye for opportunity, Ordonez consistently delivers innovative solutions that amplify brand visibility and resonate deeply with target audiences.


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