November Speaker – Kristi Nowrouzi

Kristi Nowrouzi is a dedicated advocate for financial literacy, committed to helping people understand their relationship with money and their financial mindset. She boasts a wealth of expertise as a credit specialist, financial professional, Mortgage Loan Officer, and Branch Manager at Geneva Financial.

Her unwavering passion for sharing her knowledge and insights has led her to become a published author of the books “Finish Financially Free: Identify your money beliefs – Master your money – Live in abundance” and “First Home: Where to Start and How to Win.” Kristi also hosts the popular podcast “Credit Coaching by Kristi” and regularly creates valuable content on her YouTube channel, known as “Credit Kristi.”

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Kristi actively contributes to her community as a board member of She holds several leadership positions, including Director Consultant for BNI Central Florida Region, (Former) President of BNI Wealth Builders Chapter, Emcee for the Central Florida Christian Chamber, and Membership Chair of the Orlando Chapter of The National Association of Divorce Professionals.

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