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Chad Garmon is an “almost” Florida native who currently works in the family business as the Director of Business Operations for F George Concrete, LLC. Bringing his numerous years of operation experience to one of Central Florida’s oldest continually operating concrete and masonry companies.

In Chad’s role at the YMCA of Central Florida, where he served from 2016-2022 as the VP of Community Engagement & Christian Initiatives, he supported the Association’s strategic plan and enhanced the member and staff engagement experience. He was responsible for cultivating effective partnerships with community organizations, volunteers, and staff.

For 17 years prior to joining the YMCA o

Eager for a new job or major promotion?

I’ve taught over 3,000 people how to upgrade their career through storytelling – a precise process for communicating your strengths and uncovering your hidden value.

You tell stories every day → let me train you how to do it for a career you’ll love.

“BUT STAN, storytelling is just some fancy word marketers use!”

I understand the skepticism, but career storytelling does these 4:

1 → Reveals strengths that lead to job promotions
2 → Builds confidence to speak and persuade
3 → Establishes meaningful relationships
4 → Influences exciting career changes

You see, storytelling isn’t marketing jargon → It’s communicating with confidence!

For example, I teach students how to tell 5 stories your career desperately needs to communicate the value you offer, get promoted, or change careers:

Peak – a measurable highlight
Redemption – your comeback story
Origin – where you come from
Valley – a valuable failure
Evangelist – a common mission for a greater goal

I unpack each point in my program so you become a persuasive communicator.

My program is NOT me telling you to “be a good storyteller.”

My program SHOWS you how to get a supercharged career outcome with storytelling:

→ Knowing how to tell these stories is the difference between connection or rejection
→ It’s the deciding factor between a job offer or “the role is filled.”

You don’t leave Storicate with hypotheticals
↳ You leave with your real stories

You don’t leave Storicate with buzzwords
↳ You leave with a career framework

You don’t leave with uncertainty
↳ You leave with confidence

and overall:
↳ You join a path of new career opportunities

Are you ready to go from a flat career to a progressive career?

f Central Florida team, Chad held the position of Founder and Executive Director of Impact Ministries of Central Florida. Chad managed multiple cause-driven projects that impacted individuals and families in need, by engaging more than 700 volunteers and leading a staff team to serve in their own communities. In 2002, accompanied by a strong board of directors, Chad led his organization to the next step and IMPACT received official 501(c) 3 status. Under his leadership as Executive Director, the organization doubled its budget and its services within the first four years.
IMPACT has impacted over 420 residents throughout Central Florida.

Chad also enjoys utilizing his creative strengths and knowledge in technology and social media to engage audiences and deliver his messages. Chad has held previous leadership roles as minister for a local church and current Chairman of the Board for the Youth Ministries Institute. He also is currently serving in the Florida Faith-Based & Community-Based Council as a Legislative Appointee for our region.

Chad was raised in Central Florida where he and his wife, Kimberly, of twenty-three years, have adopted Faith (5) and Micah (10), and are raising them along with Rileigh (16) and Elijah (19). Chad has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Belhaven University. He also holds his Ordination in Christian Ministry.

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