December Speaker – Joseph Thompson

After more than thirty years of ministry, and having serendipitously found himself serving as Discipleship Pastor and a member of the Spiritual Leadership Team at Action Church in Orlando, FL (Outreach Magazine’s 2019 second fastest growing church in the USA), Joseph now focuses his energy on RHC, a ministry/business jointly owned by his wife, Sola and himself, and on Primal Purpose, a ministry geared towards the underserved and underprivileged.
Originally from Nigeria, West Africa, Joseph has enjoyed the privilege of living in many different parts of the world, seeing the sights, hearing the sounds, and smelling the smells of the amazingly varied cultures that God has blessed our world with. A self described Cultural Architect, Joseph has served as lead pastor at a couple of churches, as well as associate pastor in a few others.
He is really passionate about storytelling and communicating the truths of Scripture as they relate to living life every day, and he communicates those stories with characteristic probity and subtle humor, which makes his messages easy to understand.
His academic background includes a number of college degrees, but if you ask him, his real qualifications for serving in ministry and business are his passionate pursuit of God and his love for people— which he considers his superpower.
Having gained a ton of local church experience over his many years of ministry, Joseph ‘criss- crosses’ the United States and ‘globe-trots’ the nations, speaking in churches, conferences, and seminars.
He’s been married to his beautiful bride, Sola, for almost thirty-four years, and has three adult children: a son, Demi, and two beautiful daughters, Bimi and Temi.

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